Cloud Services

Excelon Solutions brings the power of the cloud to the enterprise with solutions built to integrate seamlessly into your existing I.T. infrastructure, compatible with your existing applications, and conforming to your policies and compliance needs, helping you move faster, respond quicker, and accelerate innovation. Large organizations, IT executives and multi-site teams will appreciate the robust solution for its multi-user capacity, dedicated resource pool architecture and role-based security model as well as private network connectivity and physical device integration.

We offer you services and solutions in every part of the cloud services enabling you to adopt the cloud that is right for your business and your needs. Our portfolio of highly secure, scalable, and on-demand solutions include from private cloud deployments and traditional IT managed services as well as public cloud services for enterprises that deliver flexibility and choice.

Excelon Solutions’s Cloud Services encapsules the following:

  • Focus on your application, not the infrastructure
  • Never worry about patching, hardware failures, or network issues again. Excelon Solutions’s Cloud Services is designed to let you build applications that are continuously available even during system upgrades and hardware failures. Now you can just work on the code – the part that matters.
  • Develop internet-scale API’s for a world of devices
  • Every new mobile application needs a powerful set of server side services to power it. With our Cloud Services you have everything you need to build the most robust, scalable APIs you can dream up. Take advantage of instant access to infinite scale so you can handle huge success without having to write any new code.
  • Build modern, cloud architectures
  • Our Cloud Services provides the most effective application environment for building the most modern, distributed, computing applications. Your customers will benefit from apps that respond faster and never go down.
  • Monitor, alert and auto scale (preview)
  • Excelon Solutions’s cloud services will provide you with number of capabilities that help you better understand the health of your applications. You can monitor the health and availability of your applications using the health metrics dashboard and set up alert rules to be notified when your service availability is degraded. You can also define an event of interest, be notified in real-time when the event occurs, and perform actions based on the events. Our cloud services allows you to configure your application to automatically scale up or down to match the current demands while minimizing costs with auto scale rules. Health and availability monitoring, auto scaling, and alerting are available at no additional cost while in preview.