Functionality Testing

Excelon Solutions’s Functional testing service aims to find how well the system executes the functions it is supposed to execute-including user commands, data manipulation, searches and business processes, user screens, and integrations. Our testing procedure covers the obvious surface type of functions, as well as the back-end operations.

Our experts test the individual components and processes before testing the entire system. We use industry standard defect tracking tools to track defects in the system and deliver detailed test metrics at the end of each test cycle.

Based on the product functionality testing cycle we conduct Regression testing which ensures the proper behaviour of an application after fixes or modifications are made to the system or its environment.

  • Our testing experts fix optimal time to schedule regression tests.
  • How much regression testing is required?
  • Functions that require more rigorous testing based on changes applied.

With specific expertise and proven techniques to achieve efficiencies in regression testing, our experts can put their experience to work for you to ensure that your software defects are fixed for each new release.