Test Process Consulting

Excelon Solutions provides software testing consultancy service to its global customers to enable them to deliver quality assured software products and applications to its clients.

 Software Test consultants

Excelon Solutions’s software testing consultants are experienced senior software engineers with excellent technical and communication skills. Their pragmatic, hands-on approach enables clients to realize improved quality results more quickly and cost-effectively.

Proven Software Test Methods

Only practical software test methods are proven to be effective for improving the software testing process including specific tasks, roles, techniques, activities and deliverables. The integration of the product development process and the test development process is clarified using Excelon Solutions’s unique methodology

 Software Test Process automation and test tools

The major categories of test tools are defined, and leading tool vendors for each category are identified, along with a description of each tool. Representative full-function tools are dynamically presented using the latest electronic presentation methods. A process for selecting and implementing tools is presented, including the most significant opportunities for automating the software test process. Excelon Solutions will assist you with as much (or as little) of the testing automation process as you prefer.

 Risk Assessment

There’s never enough time to test everything. Risk management involves assessing the chance that adverse things will happen, and includes assessment of the resulting consequences. Proper risk assessment leads to effective identification and prioritization of tests.


Excelon Solutions shows how to organize your software testing effort so it is measurable and controllable. This includes what to measure, how to obtain measurements, and how to use measurements to understand and control the software test process.


The use of standards simplifies communication and often eliminates the need to invent new solutions. All relevant ANSI/IEEE software engineering standards are employed.

Our software test process consulting service includes:

  • Evaluation and improvement of the software test process.
  • Automation of the test process with an effective tools program.
  • Improvement of your defect finding potential and prevent error migration.
  • Organization of your testing effort so it is measurable and controllable.
  • Leveraging of the use of all relevant software engineering standards.
  • Creation of meaningful test plans and other critical test documents.