Accelerated migration of contracts from multiple systems

Lapses in adherence to contractual obligations can have adverse cost and legal implications, making it imperative for enterprises to implement a robust contracts management process. The presence of diverse systems and the absence of a consolidated view into contracts existing in silos make it difficult to track milestones, resulting in delayed renewals, inconsistent pricing, and loss of revenue. Our Smart Contract Analytics, a comprehensive contract discovery and analytics platform powered by AI & ML, provides 360-degree insights into contracts and related documents, to help enterprises make data-driven decisions.

Intelligent contracts management for actionable insights

The platform enables C-level executives, legal personnel, sales & operations teams, and the IT department to be on top of their game when it comes to accessing contracts and identifying action points. As a one-stop solution for contracts management, the platform enables extraction, review and analysis of contracts and related documents, helping enterprises to ensure delivery of contractual obligations, adherence to legal compliances and proactive actions for risk mitigation.

Challenges Addressed

Inefficiencies in managing contracts due to multiple processes & systems, lack of visibility on contractual obligations, extensive manual effort, and absence of a framework for compliance adherence and monitoring revenue leakage.

Key Features

System-driven migration to a unified repository, easy retrieval of contractual data, robust search functionality for words & phrases, comparison of clauses across contracts, and ability to integrate with external systems with open APIs.

Business Impact

Reduced manual effort and time for migration of contracts from external systems, intelligent contracts management for improved visibility, early risk mitigation, and enhanced adherence to legal compliance.